Complex Ideas Made Simple


Architect of Change.
Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, Writer, Speaker, and Startup Fangirl.

My background and experience is in startups and branding. I'll help you through the messy stages of clarifying your vision, developing a simplified brand message and then use the StoryBrand method of branding to tell a great story to your customers and audience on your website, social media and across all platforms. 

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Outside of Work


I travel not to escape my life, but to escape routine. Living in 4 countries in the past 10 years has provided a wide perspective on business, people and life in general. Last year I climbed a volcano in New Zealand or read my blog post on Cuba and why it made me 'Mad As Hell' 


CrossFit is a love / hate relationship. It has changed my life and caused me to challenge my body, mind and spirit beyond my limits. I choose to position myself in situations that humble me and teach me how to discipline my will. Read about the first time I did a handstand pushup

I'm a working mom with 3 kids under 13. I run my own business and run them all over town. Balancing career and parenting is an act of courage and failure every day. Here's a personal blog post when I asked the question 'How Am I Doing As A Mom?'

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Speaker. Teacher. Startup Pitch Queen

My current role finds me behind a computer screen most of the time, but speaking is where I come alive. Here I am pitching 200+ investors in Beverly Hills on behalf of one of my tech startup clients. It's not always that glamorous. I love to teach especially about vision, leadership and how to start. I believe people need to hear the message - Never Stop Starting. 

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